Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Book buddy's

Description: in poutama we have book buddies and that is when we have a buddy and we get the some book and we pick how many chapters or pages we will read each night. My book buddy I'd maya and we have the book called Gorge's Marvelous Medicine and it is a really cool book. We read one chapter a night I am up to chapter five. We have our own document to put in what we have read or done in the last few days we also get to do activities with our book buddies and they are fun. Here is my link to my book buddies slide.


Monday, 22 August 2016

Maths rich task

Description: in maths we have been learning about measurement here is what we have done on our rich task.

feedback: I like the way that you showed lots of ways to work out the question 
Feedforward: nothing you need to work on. Naomi

Evaluation: next time I think I could work on doing harder work.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

girls club

Description: In Girls Club we have been performing plays. We were in two groups. One group did the play called The Red Hen and the Sea Crocodiles. Yassmine, Zoey, Kayla, Phoebe and Kiana performed this play. The other group performed Anything is Better. Naomi, Azahra, Tayla and Rebekah were in this group. 

Our goal was to make our voices sound like the real characters and to be reedy to talk when we are meant to.
Reflection on our goal: I think we did really well and we did good work on talking when we were meant to but we need to work on make our voices sound like the real character.

feedback: I am the same as you on you talking.
Feedforward:next time you could have a louder voice.  

Evaluation: next time I think I could do better at sounding like my character but I think I did pretty well.