Sunday, 24 July 2016

Monday discovery time

Description: on Monday we get to do discovery time. Discovery time is when you have a list of things and then you get to go and discover things. I like doing discovery time it is really fun we get to explore different things. Before we started Elly made a word and we had to show it in discovery time the word was panekietanga witch is the Maori word for excellence. The first thing I did was made some gloop when you put your hand in the gloop it fells hard and then it goes sloppy I like that felling it is really squishes. the gloop is extremely hard to get of your hands because it starts to dry. There was other things that you could do like going on a pogo stick stilts,finger knitting,painting,imagines and lots of other things. The next thing I did was painting me and Naomi made a really cool painting together. our painting is showing the Maori word for excellence. each class in that time had to do coach me if you can. then we got to come back inside and do some more Descovery and that is what we do on a Monday morning.

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