Sunday, 26 June 2016

Te Reo

Description:on Monday's we do Te Reo when the people that do kapahaka go to kapahaka and the people that don't they do Te Reo.  For Te Reo you could make a game board if you wanted so harriet,Naomi and I made one we haven't finished it yet. We are trying to make it a little bit hard so it is challenging. And we are teaching Maori and the name of the game is called question time!

Feedback: that's great work! Do you know all of these in moari? No
Feedforward: I know you and naomi are bffs so maybe you could work with someone different?! Ok
Thanks Abby

Evaluation:I think I need to work on not giving up.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Description: all the year six's do Japanese with Kelly the teacher. I think that this is a good opatunaty for me. I am not very good at learning Japanese it is really hard for me but I am going to keep practicing so I can get better at it.

Feedback: I think you done well at saying who was your teacher and saying you could do better at it talking in Japanese.
Feedforward: next time I think you could have Add a little bit more . Naomi
Thanks Naomi
Evaluation:I think I need to work on my pronunciation.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Description: we are doing science with Troy and me and my friend Naomi made a video of us doing the experiment. Our experiment is how to make fog and we choose making fog because it sounds interesting to us. Here is how to make fog.

Big idea:I  liked doing my experiment it was fun and I learnt that when hot water and ice collie it makes fog.

Feedback: I loved it when you showed us what happened.Kiana
Feedforward: but maybe you could make it time lapse when the fog is coming.Kiana

Evaluation: I think I need to work on doing activities with other people not just my friends.

Sports start

Description: in sports start we learnt the game gate ways and it is a really fun game to play.  I made a video to show how to play the game gate ways. I like the game but it is a bit easy but at first it is challenging.
Big idea:how you play is you get some cones and you get something to throw... one person stands on one side and the other stands on the other side and you throw the ball and if you drop it the other persons is the winner and you play the game all over again.

Feedback:I think you did pretty well on the post 
Feedforward:I think that the description could be a bit longer and by the way we are not doing big idea

Evaluation:I think I need to work on my catching because I am not that good at it.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Girls club

Description:every afternoon me and some other people go to the library to do girls club and what we do is we do some reading in a group. I like doing girls club because we sometimes get to do poems.

Big idea:I am glad that I am in girls club because we get to read some really fun books.

Feedback:I think that you did well at describing girls club.
Feedforward:you could work on sheering your learning.

Evaluation:I need to work on reading it properly and making expressions.